Monday, October 10, 2011

Palette Challenge: Status Update

Well, after a few weeks of TWO broken sewing machines, I think it is about time for a status update on the Colette fall wardrobe challenge.  I must admit, I've not made a HUGE amount of headway in the last weeks, but there is still hope!

Look 2: Simplicity 40s Trousers:  I bought some lovely camel wool on sale at Stone Mountain and Daughter-- the only new fabric I've bought for this wardrobe challenge.  Even with my 15% off coupon, it was still expensive, so I'll definitely be doing a muslin first.   Will be cutting that out sometime this week.

Look 3: Decades of Style Gourmet skirt: done and delightful.  Post up tomorrow or the next day once I get some photos taken.

Look 4: My Decades of Style Collar Confection Blouse is in a bit of a state.  Collar looks amazing but the garment itself is absolutely HUGE!  Definitely in need of same tailoring, for which I ran out of patience yesterday.  Cross your fingers that I'll get around to it sometime in the evenings this week.

Look 5: Was to be Colette Patterns Cinammon, but I've decided to give that a miss for now, as I do have a wedding to attend at the end of the month and a slipdress won't be appropriate.  Instead, I'll finally be completing my Bombshell dress from Gertie's online class . I originally meant to make this earlier in the summer in a batik print, but I'll be making it up in an ivy green stretch sateen. So far, the bodice is cut out of muslin and...I've done absolutely nothing else.  Oops.

Look 6: an elongated version of the Colette Sencha.  First, couldn't find the fabric I'd earmarked from my stash for this one.  Then, had to buy a new copy for the pattern as my dog (honestly) ate the whole front and a bit of the back from my original copy.  Now, ready to cut out and go to town!

So there's my status update for the first 5(!) weeks.  Seems I've got a lot of work ahead of me in the coming week---how are you doing on your progress?  Anybody think they'll actually meet the goal?


  1. I will considered the challenge well met if I can finish my Jasmine blouse this month. Wanted to do a jacket as well but my schedule is busy...will at least try to get it started.

    Looking forward to seeing your items.