Monday, February 6, 2012

Fall and Winter Wrapup

special guest appearance by Charlie

Well, my sewing challenge was not complete, for various reasons, including multiple sewing machine failures and my never-ending ability to make excuses for myself, but I did get a few things done!  Three pieces in total for my challenge, which is way more than last year when I!  Here it is, plus a special bonus--my Christmas dress!

My green collar confection blouse was a total wadder (I might revisit it at another, less frustrating time), but my gourmet skirt was more of a success.  The gored skirt went together easily, and the angled pockets are adorable.

That said, there are some definite fit issues with the waistband of the skirt.  If I were to make the same thing again, I would definitely interface the waistband, as it went from slightly-loose to barely-staying-put within just a few hours of wear.  I generally skip interfacing because I find it makes everything too stiff for my liking, but this was definitely a time when it was needed.  I would also likely go down one full size in the waistband.

too wide in the waist!

Positives besides the phenomenal pockets, and the fact that my plaid matches almost perfectly at the seams?  The hips fit well and I love the shape of the skirt.  Plus, I'm just glad I finally pulled myself together to sew it up!

And as a bonus, I want to share with you all the other thing I managed to pull myself together and sew this season: my fabulous (easy!) Christmas dress.  This is NOT a remnant or a stash project--that's what makes it bonus!

I really wanted a 50s-hostess-esque velveteen cupcake dress for Christmas, after seeing a few variations on the theme in boutiques and on rockabilly clothing websites.  And I found the perfect fabric, Anna Maria Horner's Innocent CrushAND I had a Visa giftcard burning a hole in my pocket.  The only thing I didn't have was time; the fabric came only three days before my work Christmas party, so I only had 2 evenings to do the whole thing.  With that in mind, I chose a Very Easy Vogue pattern.  I highly recommend this line to beginning seamstresses, or more experienced sewers who are in a time crunch.  They sew up so easily and quickly, but the designs are always solid, with nice details that set them apart.  For example, the pattern i used has a lovely deep V in the back.

  I chose 8615, which is a "Custom Fit" pattern, meaning you choose your cup size in the bodice.  I made the 18 in a C cup as a muslin, and ended up having to completely re-cut the bodice into a B--be warned that the bust measurements are all for a fuller, rounder bust.  I made the shorter view, and cropped the sleeves a bit shorter than the given 3/4  I wore it with a crinoline and a purchased belt, and it was a huge hit--I loved it!  Definitely felt like a cheery holiday cupcake.




    AND A LOT.

    also my truck looks horrible without a liner.

  2. Oh I so covet that dress! Nicely done- maybe I need to add 'with truck' to my 'with dog' pictures!

  3. I am jealous of your skirt. Almost 2 years later. The facts were these.