Saturday, September 10, 2011

Palette Challenge Look 1: Decades of Style Button Dress

I've finished my first garment in the Fall Palette Challenge!  After some stumbling blocks and subsequent workarounds (some found here), the Button Dress from Decades of Style sewed up relatively quickly and without much drama.

I chose this dress specifically to wear at the Art Deco Society's Gatsby Summer Afternoon, so wanted to preserve as much of the 1930s feel as possible.  To that end, I chose a silk fabric with a simple geometric print (as I said before, it's one of my great remnant finds--half off of a big 2 yard (WIDE) piece on the Britex remnant floor).  I also decided to make the sleeves in a contrasting color, to add to the 30s vibe.  I chose a simple crinkled poly in deep brown, to match the color of the dots that make up the circles.
I used this photo in the last post, but I don't care; I LOVE this material and I'm so glad I finally got to use it!!

I didn't make any alterations to the pattern itself; it fit well right out of the package.  Besides dealing with two very thin, slippery, cranky fabrics, the only thing major thing I changed was to eliminate the zipper.  The silk has quite a bit of stretch to it, and the dress fits like a dream as a pullover style.  The sleeve and back tie of the dress is all one piece, which also wraps around to create the upper back of the dress.  This makes for a tricky moment when attaching the facing, which not only faces the front and back neckline, but also lines the ties themselves.  I sewed the whole thing together, leaving one long side open on the tie only, then folded those bits under and sewed very closely along the edge to close it up, and all turned out well.
I used covered buttons in the same fabric as the contrast sleeves and ties.  As suggested in the pattern instructions, I hand-sewed the hem on the sleeves.  The sleeves are meant to be really drapey and soft, so a hand-sewn hem leaves it with a softer hand.
I am loving it and can't wait to wear it tomorrow as I watch the DecoBelles do their thing and eat dozens of tea sandwiches.  This was my first Decades of Style pattern (and the first of several that I have lined up specifically for this challenge) and I would highly recommend it.  So cute on!
Here are a few shots of it on my dress form.  Check in later tomorrow or perhaps Monday--I will be posting photos of the dress with accessories from Gatsby!

excuse her crooked hips!
I feel like I am on a roll so far in the challenge!  Two more garments are cut out and waiting, but first things first--must take Machine #1 in on Monday to figure out what is wrong with the electrical.  As it turns out, it's hard to use a sewing machine when no power is coming through.

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  1. Congratulations on completing your dress. Thanks to you I have this pattern on my wish list and I am really looking forward to sewing it up as well.

    Quite cute, can't wait to see it on you. Have fun at your event:)